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March 26, 2015

An Inside Look at How Video

Podcasts are a convenient and interesting way to learn about how to travel, where to travel, destination tips and advice, and to learn things you likely won’t find in guide books.

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1. Indie Travel Podcast

Linda and Craig, from the Indie Travel Podcast, talk about everything travel from how to learn a language while traveling to what to do, see and eat in specific destinations to budget travel tips and advice (from their own experience as well as through interviews with experts). They’ve been traveling since 2006 and a lot of experience to share with travelers and want-to-be-travelers. They are traveling full time and debt-free and share how you can do it too.

2. Zero to Travel

Why is travel important to you? Jason, from Zero to Travel, discusses questions like this on his weekly podcast. Jason has been traveling the world for more than 15 years and his website and podcasts are dedicated to “[discovering] new and different ways to travel the world no matter what your situation or experience.” His podcasts cover a wide variety of topics such as: unique ways to travel on a budget, how to create a life around travel, a guide to international volunteering, as well as interviews with travelers who have interesting lives and experiences .

3. Amateur Travel

Not sure where you want to travel to next? Amateur Travel is all about destinations. It features interviews with experts, travelers, expats, and other interesting people talking about their experience and giving practical advice for travel and stay in specific destinations. Chris started the Amateur Travel Podcast in 2005 and there are over 300 episodes about places all over the world to listen to.

4. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Interested in learning how to travel for free using frequent flyer miles? Travis from Extra Pack of Peanuts has some great tips and advice about how to travel for free and nearly free. He also talks about how to travel like a pro, interviews famous and interesting travel personalities, and highlights specific destinations. According to iTunes, “The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast is Rick Steves for the new generation..”

5. This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel is a roundtable style discussion podcast about travel news, trends, and everything travel. Join Jen, Gary, and Chris as they talk about cheap living abroad, volunteering, making travel writing work, food, interviews with fellow travelers and experts, and more.

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Transaction Radio Podcast 2015 trance house acid jazz dubstep
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